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I enjoy sports, travel, and the great outdoors. Watching outdoor sports in the winter has always been a love-hate relationship for me. Great sports, great outdoors and cold weather are not the best combination. Our football season ends after the snow begins to fly, and I suffer from cold hands. I was looking for a handwarmer that would not only help protect my hands and allow me to focus on something other than cold hands, and versatile. I could not find a product that worked for all my needs so I designed Tubes® Sport.

Tubes® Sport, with multiple thermal layers, is unique from other handwarmers, has an internal pocket for heat packs, is reversable as a travel pillow for the trip to game, back support, neck support and converts to a seat cushion for those ‘hard on the hiney’ stadium seats.

The Sport tube is perfect for your hands, neck, back or hiney! Contact us to learn more.

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Tubes® can be used 5 ways, comes in 4 styles, in a variety of colors, and is customizable.

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Tubes® Hand warmers

Tubes® Hand Warmer muffs are the "Winter Coat" accessory item designed with multiple thermal layers and functionality. This makes Tubes® the best hand warmers all year round. Check out our Tubes® Sport, Realtree® Camo, Utility and Fashion collections today.

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